Batman and Robin #9

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Nikola Cizmesija and Simone Di Meo

Colors by Rex Lokus and Giovanna Niro

Letters by

The Rundown: Batman is captured and Robin discovers the truth about Shush.

Batman has been captured by Langstrom who reveals the scope of his plan including his plans to save Gotham using his science. At the same time, Damian returns to school with Nika in tow. As the pair tries to find a way to expose the principal as his former trainer, Nika comes up with an interesting plan.

As the pair find themselves face to face with the principal, the truth is revealed. Unfortunately, their suspicions that the principal is Shush turn out to be unfounded when the real Shush arrives to tell them the truth and what has happened to Batman.

The Story: Williamson creates some great drama in the issue as well as craft a great twist with Shush that I wasn’t expecting. I enjoyed both sides of the story with Batman’s confrontation with Langstrom as well as Damian dealing with the consequences of his actions and assumptions. It shows that Damian still has things to learn and strengthens the need for him to defer to his father more.

The Art: Both artists deliver great visuals throughout the issue. The art is stylish and filled with great action as well as character designs.

Batman and Robin #9



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