Slumber #4

Image Comics

Written by Tyler Burton Smith

Art by Vanessa Cardinali

Colors by Simon Robins

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Stetson and Finch discover their prey is closer than they think.

Stetson finds herself in a standoff in Finch’s mind when he refuses to let her kill the entity living inside the manifestation of his dead brother. When the entity is revealed to be a decoy, the pair race to leave the man’s mind only to find one of Stetson’s colleagues down and the perpetrator on the loose.

At the same time, the lead detective on the murder investigation finds evidence linking both Stetson and Finch to the crime and goes after them. As they locate Finch’s fiancé, Stetson finds herself overwhelmed by visions and their escape reveals that Valkira might be closer than they think.

The Story: Tyler Burton Smith continues to craft an entertaining and unusual story filled with tension and humor. The stakes are getting higher and the characters continue to be nuanced and interesting as the story unfolds. I like how the story is putting both Finch and Stetson on the defensive as well as Stetson’s continued issues with reality. The end of the issue has a great cliffhanger that definitely has me excited to read the next issue.

The Art: Cardinali has a unique and wonderful visual style and that comes through in the dream world beautifully. It also has a wonderful contrast to the real world of the story.

Slumber #4



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