Slumber #3

Image Comics

Written by Tyler Burton Smith

Art by Vanessa Cardinali

Colors by Simon Robins

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: In order to find Valkira, Stetson must make Finch face his darkest memory.

Stetson’s hunt for Valkira is personal and the stakes of that personal mission are revealed as someone close to her becomes the target of the creature’s power. In the present, Stetson wants answers and is willing to whatever it takes to the creatures in Finch’s dreams to get what she wants. As Finch continues to come to terms with where he is and what’s happening to him, Stetson and Jiang move further into Finch’s dream.

In order to discover what Valkira wants with the detective, Stetson takes him into a dark moment he doesn’t want to face. One that she will reluctantly experience for him. One that will bring her a new understanding of the man, but will also plunge them into a trap that Finch himself might not allow her to escape.

The Story: Tyler Burton Smith gives the reader more insight into Stetson and her fight against Valkira with a great intro moment that allows the reader to care about the character and her circumstances. The story does a great job of building tension and Finch’s apprehension adds to it and enhances the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Cardinali delivers some impressive, fun and trippy visuals throughout the issue.

Slumber #3



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