Sir Edward Grey: Acheron #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mike Mignola

Art by Mike Mignola

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Sir Edward Grey will take on a demon and discover a new destiny for himself.

Somewhere in Hell, Edward Grey goes to visit a demon who was consigned to imprisonment in the wake of its failure. After confronting the demon Eligos about his failure to kill Hellboy on multiple occasions and in the wake of Raputin’s death, Grey sees that the demon has been given more power from an unknown source. As Grey attempts to reason with the demon, the truth of its new master is revealed.

Acheron tries to show Eligos the truth of what has happened to hell in the wake of Hellboy’s final battle with Rasputin and how he is being used to destroy everything again. As the demon fights, Acheron takes him to a dark place to reveal a dark truth. One that will end their conflict and start Edward Grey on a journey of his own. A journey he is ready to begin, but there is something else that he must do first.

The Story: Mike Mignola crafts a moving and compelling story in this issue. The tone is brilliantly dark, but there are some truly touching moments of light within it that make it a wonderful read. There is an energy to the storytelling that connects with the reader and draws you in to the world of this story. Grey is given a level of insight and complexity that kept me interested in the story frame after frame. A great, moving story from Mignola.

The Art: Mignola delivers some beautiful imagery throughout this issue. The art is as compelling and touching as the story itself.

Sir Edward Grey: Acheron #1



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