Silk #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Maurene Goo

Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

Color by Ian Herring

Letters by VC’s Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Cindy Moon and Derick investigate a murder. Silk fights crime and protects the innocent.

Silk stops a robbery and is rewarded for her efforts by a grateful store owner. Later, Cindy Moon heads to her first day of work as a reporter. After Derick invites her to join him on an investigation, she is able to publish her first story.
Elsewhere, J. Jonah Jameson has a confrontation with an enemy and Silk intervenes. Finally, someone interesting visits Saya Ishii. And their conversation unlocks a mystery.

The Story: The first issue of the Silk series is engaging and fun. Maurene Goo has created a nice set up issue that is very promising. I like seeing Cindy in her day-to-day life. I am also interested in how her character will progress in the future.

The Art: Ian Herring uses cool tones to highlight the detailed artwork of Takeshi Miayzawa. I really like the use of blue color palettes to accompany the action sequences. It gives the scenes an extra layer of intensity. This issue is well done and engaging.

Silk #1



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