The adventures of the Green Lantern Corps are moving forward on HBO Max and it appears that the streaming service has found a showrunner for the new series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has tapped novelist and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith to both write and showrun the live action Green Lantern series. Grahame-Smith is the writer of the novels Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. He is also the screenwriter for The Lego Batman Movie as well as Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and an upcoming Beetlejuice sequel.

The series was given a ten episode straight to series order and the one hour drama will come from Berlanti Productions and Warner Brothers Television with Greg Berlanti serving as executive producer.

According to the THR article, Green Lantern will be a series that spans decades and galaxies featuring the adventures of the first Green Lantern Alan Scott as well as the other Lanterns of Earth Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Raynor will not be part of the series, paving the way for them to make their appearances on the big screen.

Other Lanterns and villains are expected to appear in the series including Killowog and Sinestro.

The series is in the story breakdown stage at this point and the rumor is that this will be the most expensive show Berlanti has produced so far.

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