Shazam #8

DC Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Goran Sudzuka

Colors by Ive Svorcina

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: The Captain finds himself dealing with more than just an attack from Black Adam.

In the wake of the invasion of the bureaucratic dinosaurs, The Captain finds himself dealing with the aftermath of a battle with Black Adam that destroys his family home. Having to deal with the potential fallout of this loss, Billy is forced to tell his family the truth.

The potential loss of his family from the foster system forces Billy to try an unorthodox gambit to both protect the auditor that is staying with them while also stalling the dinosaurs. A gambit that will bring him back to the gods and receive an unexpected visit from an enemy.

The Story: Waid does a great job of bringing this fun, silly arc to a close with action, thrills and a lesson for Billy to learn. The story has a great tone for the character and the stakes that he faces. I really enjoyed the humor in the story as well and I like how the story concludes and what it teases for Billy in the future.

The Art: Sudzuka delivers some fun art in the issue and the visual style perfectly captures the tone of the story.

Shazam #8



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