Self Help #1

Image Comics

Written by Owen King and Jesse Kellerman

Art by Marianna Ignazzi

Colors by Fabiana Mascolo

Letters by Ian Chalgren

The Rundown: Jerry Hauser has a chance meeting with the man that will change his life.

Jerry Hauser hasn’t had the best life and things don’t get better when he constantly finds himself being mistaken for successful self-help guru Darren Hart. Working as a driver for an app and unable to see his own child, Jerry hopes for some change in his life.

At the same time, Darren Hart prepares for his next seminar with his assistant and a deal he has in the works. When he’s unable to get to his appointment on time, he is forced to call a driver service and both Darren and Jerry find themselves in a dark and twisted encounter that not both of them will walk away from.

The Story: King and Kellerman craft an intense and fun story in this first issue. A dark, twisted Prince and the Pauper tale filled with suspense and charm. There are some great twists and turns throughout this first issue and the final confrontation between the characters is wonderfully dark and ominous as it crafts some great drama to come.

The Art: Ignazzi delivers fantastic art in the issue. The visuals are beautifully detailed and engaging.

Self Help #1



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