51tx7BBTy8LKingdom Hearts III

Square Enix

Playstation 4

This game has taken so long to come out! Usually games that have this long of a development time turn out to be a huge disappointment and for me this especially rings true with kingdom hearts 3.

I really wanted to like this cutscene-disguised-as-game. I’ve played all the previous games and was pretty excited about knocking some heads with my key blades.

The graphics are fantastic and the textures are dope. This is the best we have seen these characters who made it into the game look better than they ever have and the worlds look great. It’s 2019 every game should have this level of detail to its graphics.


The sound design and music are fine but hearing the same theme of a world for so long made me want to stop playing. The voice acting for literally everyone seems off. Every time a Disney character speaks it’s noticeably different from its film counterpart. Mickey especially sounds different and my girlfriend who is a Disney fanatic stopped watching me play it after an hour because Hades and Herc sounded so much different from the movies.

The gummy ship is still here and it more open world flying and it still a chore to navigate but it’s way more fun than previous games.


The story is a mess. Just a giant freaking mess. You will need to use the cellphone that Jiminy the Cricket gives you to understand what the heck is going on if you’ve never played a KH game before. Why am I traveling to all these worlds again? Oh yeah memories and Sora lost his powers but Donald and goofy still have theirs but they don’t in actual battles. There were 0 final fantasy characters and I felt so old watching these Disney movie snapshots with Sora and his party thrown in. Seriously the entirety of let it go plays in front of him and all he does it say WOW while we have to listen to the song for the 8000th time.

The whole game takes about 20 hours or so to beat and I already forgot the ending.


But man the battle system in on point. The battles go like this.
Enter an area where enemies pop up and float around attacking you.
Keyboard them a few times while dodging and hitting triangle (on the ps4) and then hit the green button when it flashes to kill stuff in fun ways. Seeing the rides from Disneyland that I’ve actually been on was fun the first 50 times but got old fast. I think I did the pirate ship attack 600 times since it was introduced. The rides are fun and have different mechanics but I eventually just wanted to keyblade all the things. I loved having 5 characters in battle it just felt more fun. HOW DOES DONALD STILL NOT KNOW HOW TO HEAL ITS BEEN 10 GAMES?!

Kingdom hearts 3: Such a disappointment

Kingdom Hearts III




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