Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Lorenzo Tammetta

Colors by Frank William

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Wanda and Pietro are separated and targeted by an old enemy with a new mission.

Pietro floats in the air unable to use his powers until he finds an interesting means of escape. An escape that will bring him to the home of a member of the family and a plan to discover who is after him and his sister.

At the same time, Wanda fights against the Wizard and her need to escape and find her brother will force her to tap into dark forces that she has fought to bury. Forces that threaten to consume her.

The Story: Orlando delivers an awesome story in this issue. The connection between these two characters continues to be compelling and having a singular threat target them both leads to some unique and interesting storytelling. I like seeing both characters attack the bigger threat in their own ways as well as how they utilize their support systems.

The Art: Tammetta offers some fantastic art in the issue. It has some great action and beautifully detailed characters.

Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver #2



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  • Allen Francis

    March 23, 2024 - 2:53 am

    I love Orlando’s work and will check it out – however, I HATE Quicksilver’s costume and the color, they really need to give him a signature costume look.

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