Save Yourself #2

Boom! Studios

Written by Bones Leopard

Art by Kelly & Nichole Matthews

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Gigi and Shawn learn some shocking truths about the Lovely Trio.

Mia is injured and her last act was to bring herself, Gigi and Shawn to the secret base of the forces fighting against the Lovely Trio. After the initial shock of both the moment and the realization of who the Trio really is, both Gigi and Shawn are shaken. Gigi takes it even harder because of the loss of her brother and the years of hero worship she gave them.

Gigi learns a secret about Mia and her connection to the Lovely Trio and the two of them get closer before both she and Shawn are returned to their home. Reeling from recent events, something will happen that will force Gigi to call for help.

The Story: Bones Leopard keeps me engaged in this story and its characters. Even though the stakes have been raised in this issue and challenging Gigi’s whole world is serious and often heartbreaking, the story still has moments of levity and heart in the blossoming romance between Gigi and Mia. The plot continues to make some relevant points about the cult of celebrity and it will be interesting to see how that plays out as the story progresses. Having both Gigi and Shawn challenge the Federation and its rules is a great story point and another thing I look forward to seeing explored.

The Art: Kelly and Nichole Matthews deliver some great art throughout this issue. There are panels that do a great job of showcasing the scale of this world while also concentrating the visuals on the characters.

Save Yourself #2



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