Savage Dragon #261

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Colors by Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris

Letters by Jack Morelli

The Rundown: A power struggle within the Vicious Circle will force Malcolm and Paul to act.

Malcolm and Maxine decide to have a night out without the kids and Maxine’s appetites become an issue for the couple. At the same time, Mako emerges causing havoc throughout the city. Roughneck decides that now is the time for him to take over the leadership of the Vicious Circle, but Samurai quickly puts him in his place.

In the aftermath, Mako captures Roughneck and forces information out of him as Malcolm deals with a personal issue with an old friend. When Paul tells Malcolm about the power struggle within the Vicious Circle, the two team up to take them down, but the might be in over their heads with the sheer amount of opposition they face.

The Story: Larsen injects a lot of humor, action and adventure throughout this issue. He also finds time to inject some important messages that are relevant to the real world in a way that isn’t heavy handed, but does come right up to the line in one instance. What makes it work is that the moment dispels a real life issue by putting it into the correct context. The storyline is exciting and entertaining from start to finish and I continue to enjoy the dynamic between Malcolm and Paul.

The Art: Larsen delivers some beautifully detailed art that perfectly captures the tone of the story and its characters. I love the brutal tone of the art itself and how it draws in the reader visually.

Savage Dragon #261



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