DSTLRY, the next-generation publisher redefining creator-owned comic books and collectibles is thrilled to announce THE MISSIONARY from writer Ryan Stegman (VenomSuperior Spider-Man, X-MenVanish) and artist Jason Howard (BatmanTreesBig GirlsThe Astounding Wolf-Man), teaming up to create a horror comic for the ages, debuting in print and digital in late summer. 

Bryce Hunter is a devoutly religious man whose faith is shattered when he catches his wife being…intimate with an Elder from his church. This harrowing event sends  Bryce spiraling into the hands of a demonic entity named Uvydus.

Instead of rejecting possession, Bryce accepts Uvydus. Bryce wants to learn to be “bad” and Uvydus wants to be “less than completely evil.” But before Bryce can use this new partnership to live a little, the world’s greatest Exorcist sees Bryce as his greatest challenge. But that’s not even the worst of it as a murderous group of demons breaks free from Hell and threatens to re-shape earth into a kingdom over which they rule!

The combination of Bryce and Uvydus allows the pair to manifest demonic powers to fight both the EVIL and GOOD forces that want them destroyed. The fate of eternity hangs in the balance as Bryce and Uvydus must fight to not just survive, but reconcile their opposite natures and become THE MISSIONARY.

“Jason and I are having a hell of a time grappling with eternal questions of ethics and spirituality, but we’re also making THE MISSIONARY as exciting as possible,” co-creator and writer Ryan Stegman explains. “Jason is doing the work of his career and I can’t wait for you to see these tortured souls on their missions of damnation.” 

THE MISSIONARY has been an absolute blast to bring to life,” co-creator and artist Jason Howard continues“Ryan has made a blockbuster that transcends heaven and hell with a very human heart, and I’ve had an amazing time putting it on the page.” 

An action-packed story that features demons, gun battles, and a friendship for the ages, THE MISSIONARY will be loved by fans of PreacherChainsaw Man, and The Exorcist.

Each issue of THE MISSIONARY is presented in DSTLRY’s perfect-bound Prestige format, featuring wraparound covers with spot gloss on robust cover stock, complemented by 48 pages of exquisite interior stock. “It’s the DSTLRY difference,” says co-founder and CCO Chip Mosher. 

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