The second season of Marvel’s Runaways is coming and the new trailer for the series teased the continuing emergence of Nico Minoru’s powers. It also teases a possible connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Nico Minoru is the daughter of Robert and Tina Minoru. In the comics and on the Hulu original series, the Minoru’s are dark wizards and members of the villainous group The Pride. The Minoru’s have a long history of conflict with Doctor Strange in the comics, but the 2016 movie directed by Scott Derrickson adds Tina Minoru to the film as a follower of the film’s villain Kaecillius. Minoru, in the film, is played by Linda Duan. In the Runaways series, she is played by Brittany Ishibashi.


In the film, Kaecillius and his acolytes utilize power taken from Dormammu to fight Strange and the Ancient One. The use of that power from the Dark Dimension changes how they look.


That same look can be seen on Nico’s face as she taps into the the power of the Staff of One. Could the Staff of One be connected to Dormammu and the Dark Dimension as well?

This could add an additional dimension to Nico as a character, give her an additional dramatic arc and possibly explain how Tina ended her connection to Kaecillius and joined the Pride.


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