Rorschach #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Jorge Fornes

Colors by Dave Stewart

The Rundown: An assassination attempt will uncover a bigger mystery.

At a rally for a challenger to the presidency, two people are killed in an apparent assassination attempt. An investigator is brought in to uncover what happened, who the would be assassins were and why one of them was dressed as Rorschach.

After being unable to identify the Rorschach impersonator, a tape might hold the key to his identity and the motives behind the plot. While the investigator attempts to keep everything under the radar, clues point to the man in the Rorschach mask being more than anyone believed.

The Story: Tom King dives into some interesting territory with this story. While the plot uncovers some interesting mysteries and the ending brings up some interesting questions, the pace of the story is a little too slow. There’s nothing really engaging about this story beyond the concept and the execution was just okay. King establishes some great atmosphere, but there isn’t much in this first issue to hold my interest as a reader. Beyond the nostalgia of the subject matter, I would be hard pressed to find a reason to read on.

The Art: Jorge Fornes does a great job with the art in the issue. The scenes are beautifully framed and have a great detective noir style to them. I wish there was more happening in the story to complement the compelling art.

Rorschach #1



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