After the dismissal of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the untitled Han Solo film, rumors began that Lucasfilm Chief Kathleen Kennedy reached out to Oscar winning director Ron Howard to take over the reins of the projuct currently in production.

After a day of speculation, it was confirmed by the company that the Apollo 13 director would be stepping in to take over directing duties for the film due out next year. So what does the respected filmaker have to say about this turn of events?

Howard was at Cannes Lion on stage when he was asked about the film by Martin Sorrell, founder of British ad company WPP. Howard seemed to downplay the controversy and the news by quipping that the blockbuster was “a little opportunity that came my way.” He also talked about his conversations with Star Wars creator George Lucas about the film during the production of Lucas’ film American Grafitt saying, “I’ve been around the Star Wars universe from the beginning,”

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Attempting to alliviate the anxieties of Star Wars fans, the director told the story of he and his wife standing in line for over two hours to see the original film and loving it so much that they got back into line to see it again.

Howard is expected to meet with the cast of the film soon and filming is expected to resume on the Han Solo movie July 10, 2017.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Does Ron Howard’s embrace of the Star Wars universe make you more nervous or ease some of your tension? Let me know in the comments below. You can also hear my take on the issue on our latest podcast episode here.

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