Pages-from-RICKMORTY-#40-MARKETING-1Rick and Morty #40

Oni Press

Written by Kyle Starks and Josh Trujillo

Art by Marc Ellerby and Rii Abrego

Colors by Sarah Stern

Letters by Crank!

Rick and Morty find themselves on a Hunger Games style battle royale for a chance to win a trip to an exotic, exclusive resort and Rick is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Whatever it takes is exactly what you think as he uses Morty to lure aliens into a trap and has the boy murder them for an audience that is eating it up in the ratings. It’s an incredibly funny montage of death as Morty gets pulled deeper and deeper into Rick’s scheme and Rick gets weirder with every kill. It’s an incredibly fun story that has an equally fun and disturbing ending.


The second story is another fun one that features Rick taking on Fancy Rick in court over Morty’s hair and the whacked out experiment Fancy Rick is conducting with it. It’s a fun short that has a satisfying end with enough subversive humor mixed in to keep the story moving.

Both stories are fun in their own ways. The first because it just goes there with no regard to subtlety and sticks the landing with an awesome and unexpected ending. The second story is fun because it encompasses all the subversive humor that Rick and Morty are known for. The both have great moments and are just funny. It’s a testament to the writers that this issue is so well crafted that both stories stand on equal ground humor wise.

The art is both stores is great and I love the lush details in the background of the first story. The second story has some really interesting and fun camera angles in the panels that help the momentum of the story itself.


Rick and Morty #40




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