728961._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Return of Wolverine #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Steve McNiven

Inks by Jay Leisten

Colors by Laura Martin

Letters by Joe Sabino

Logan will make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Persephone in this thrilling conclusion.


Logan has been transported to Persephone’s orbiting base of operations and show her vision of what a perfect world will be once her satellites are in place. Knowing that she plans to murder everyone on Earth and control them with her powers is bad enough, but finding out that she used him before his healing factor blocked her control is even worse.

Logan is offered a place in paradise and when he rejects it, he decides to burn down Persephone’s heaven as a last act.

When he locates the scientists working on her plan, he makes them end it in dramatic fashion. Knowing that the only way to stop her is to destroy the station itself, Logan decides to send it back towards the Earth in a flaming heap that he knows he will not escape and frankly, doesn’t want to.

Charles Soule concludes this story with style. I absolutely loved the direction he takes this issue and the dialogue from Logan especially. There are some truly amazing moments throughout the issue where the dialogue and tone of the story are both dark and amusing at the same time. Logan’s wit and attitude shine through and Soule does a great job of reminding the reader why Wolverine is the best there is.

Steve McNiven’s art is gorgeous. He perfectly captures the gritty, bold style and tone of this issue and takes the art to some truly dramatic and beautiful places.

Return of Wolverine #5




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