Refrigerator Full of Heads #5

DC Comics

Written by Rio Youers

Art by Tom Fowler

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Arlene goes looking for the bikers and June discovers what happened to the man who almost killed her.

Clausen tells June what happened in the aftermath of their last encounter. How he dragged himself out of a burning boat, threw himself into the water and crawled his way back to shore and what he lost along the way. A tale that will culminate in the revenge he’s been planning for a year. At the same time, Arlene looks for answers from the bikers and learns that June has been brought back to the island.

When Ericka decides that she is going to take the power of the objects for herself, she underestimates Clausen’s resolve. Using one of the weapons, Clausen takes out the rest of the bikers and leaves Ericka for dead as he goes after June. At the same time, Arlene decides to go and find June as well as make a decision about the weapons and how they can bring down what Clausen has become.

The Story: Youers cranks up everything in this issue. The action, the horror, the gore and the humor are all cracked up and everything works to deliver a fun, thrilling and entertaining story. I love how big and interesting the world of this story is getting and the dangers to the characters are compelling. This is a fun, wild ride and I cannot wait to see where it goes next.

The Art: Fowler delivers some fantastic, emotional, brutal and beautifully detailed art throughout this issue. The characters look fantastic and the horror is brilliantly done to maximize the tension and terror of the story.

Refrigerator Full of Heads #5



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