Refrigerator Full of Heads #4

DC Comics

Written by Rio Youers

Art by Tom Fowler

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Arlene and Cal take on a gang of bikers and June gets an unplanned reunion.

Cal and Arlene wait at the vacation home for a cleanup team from the agency to extract them from the town with the axe. Unfortunately, their waiting is interrupted by the sounds of motorcycle engines. After giving them a warning shot, the bikers turn the cabin into a shooting gallery. The fire fight leads all the way to the boat house with the pair taking out most of the bikers before Cal gets shot multiple times.

At the same time, June finds herself being interrogated by Erika and learning that she knows what happened on the island with the axe. At the boathouse, Arlene is getting answers in her own way and the ones who don’t give them find themselves food for a headless shark. As Arlene learns about the man behind the robberies of the artifacts, June finds herself being introduced to a familiar face.

The Story: Youers ramps up the action and thrills in this issue. The story has great energy throughout and mixes in both horror and humor perfectly. The story is effective in telling both a brutal revenge story and a great horror story as well. I liked the exposition moments a lot and how they flesh out characters and was completely stunned and delighted by the twist at the end.

The Art: Fowler crafts some beautiful and brutal horror art throughout this issue and the perfectly captures the tone and energy of the story.

Refrigerator Full of Heads #4



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