RSvol42323041DGomezRed Sonja Vol 4 #23

Dynamite Comics

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham

Art by Roberto Castro

Colors by Salvatore Aiala Studio

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Sonja’s hatred of magic is justified when a goddess takes her to a follower seeking vengeance.

Sonja is traveling through the mountains of Corinthia when she is confronted by the goddess Minasha. It appears that the local king has been loyal to the goddess in the form of prayers and sacrifices because he has a request that Minasha bring the warrior who killed his son to him. That warrior is Red Sonja.


Sonja is transported to the king’s throne room and as she prepares for battle, Minasha throws a wrench into the kings plans. Instead of killing Sonja, the king sends the warrior on a quest to retrieve an expensive axe stolen from his grandfather by a griffin. Without notice, Sonja is thrown to the cliffs outside the griffin’s keep.

Cursing magic and the god who wields it, Sonja finds herself face to face with a murderous sphinx who has a question for the warrior. A question whose answer is the difference between life and death for Sonja.

This is a fun and well done self-contained adventure. It has great tension and humor as well as high adventure and some harrowing moments that emphasize the power of Sonja as a character.

The art is gorgeous with some amazing panels that show what a formidable and skilled warrior Sonja is as well as showcase some beautifully rendered creatures for her to face.

Red Sonja Vol 4 #23




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