Red Sonja #18

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Mohan

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Sonja and her band continue their trek to Cimmeria. Unfortunately, the disciples of Kulan Gath continue to attack the band along the way. Sonja is curious to understand why and when she leaves to hunt for food, Lera reveals why.


Apparently, she is holding on to an item that was not destroyed with the wizard. An item that his followers will die and kill for. The story progresses really well with a great sequence showcasing the constant battle they are engaged in on their way to Cimmeria.

As Lera and Taya discuss what Sonja’s reaction will be if she finds out, we see that they are being watched. As they reach Cimmeria, the band finds that Castle Skath is in possession of a new master and he has a mission that he wants to hire Sonja to perform. A mission that will definitely put him at odds with the hero.

Chu and Burnham continue to tell a really great tale that hits on all the tropes that make Sonja an enduring character. They craft a story that shows her power and purpose and even when she’s not in the scene, her presence is still felt, especially when Lera and Taya argue over what to do with the item Lera is hiding.

Gomez has some amazing art in this issue. Every page shows amazing color and detail. Everything works to tell a great story with impressive visuals and everything from the battle scenes to the close-ups looks amazing. Well worth the read.


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