The next episode of South Park is coming this Wednesday and this new episode will be a turning point for Tegridy Farms.

The Mayor has evidence that Randy blew up his neighbor’s yards in protest over homegrown weed and then blamed it on a Mexican Joker.  Now the citizens of South Park have had enough of Randy and Tegridy Farms and they just want to lock him up.

All-new episodes from this season will be available to stream in HD exclusively on South Park Studios and Hulu the day after they premiere. Fans will continue to have next-day access to new episodes, as well as the entire “South Park” library, across all internet-connected devices with a Hulu subscription. New episodes and a selection of curated episodes will be available to stream on and the Comedy Central App.

The newest episode of South Park titled, “Season Finale” will begin airing on Wednesday, November 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

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