Radiant Black #5

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Eduardo Ferigato and Marcelo Costa

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: There is a new Radiant Black and he wants revenge, but there are bigger threats at play.

In the aftermath of Nathan’s fight with Red, he is barely clinging to life and his best friend Marshall now wields the power. Unable to do anything to save his dying friend, Marshall suits up looking for the person who did this to him. After visiting the hospital, the force connected to Marshall’s new powers reaches out and the two agree to work together to take on the bigger threat facing the planet.

Marshall’s first priority is vengeance against Red who he finds in a state of rage. After taking on the thief, the two battle it out all over the city until Red levels up and forces Marshall to unleash power he didn’t know he had. In the aftermath, the real identity of Red is revealed and things get even more complicated when they both realize they are not alone. A realization that will lead them all to a bigger threat.

The Story: Higgins takes the story in a new and exciting direction in this issue. Not only does the story get more intense and the stakes are raised for both Nathan and Marshall, but Higgins brilliantly expands the world by bringing in new characters and struggles that flesh out the world he’s building. There are many compelling moments throughout the issue and it’s interesting seeing Marshall evolve past the persona of being the best friend character in the narrative. I loved the cliffhanger ending and look forward to what comes next.

The Art: Ferigato and Costa brings some dynamic, beautiful and detailed art to the issue with each page. There is great energy throughout and the fights are wonderful.

Radiant Black #5



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