Radiant Black #16

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark

Art by Marcelo Costa

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: The enemies of Radiant Black band together to take him down.

On a road outside the city, a daring heist takes place to retrieve some of the items taken from the enemies of Radiant Black. In the aftermath, a group of Radiant Black’s enemies begin a new coordinated plan to take down the hero and steal his power. At the same time, Marshall and Nathan decide to spend the night out and Nathan laments the danger that Marshall is in with all of his villains escaping at the same time.

When Marshall returns to the gym in costume to speak to the audience, his enemies begin to attack. Unfortunately, his enemies have learned more in their time working together and Marshall finds himself fighting for his life against an attack he didn’t expect. As Marshall finds himself at a crossroads, his enemies move in for the kill and discover quickly that there is another Radiant Black on the scene.

The Story: Higgins and Clark deliver some great action and thrills throughout this issue. The story is thrilling and has some great character moments between Marshall and Nathan. I like the direction the story is going in and look forward to what happens after the shocking reveal at the end of the issue.

The Art: Costa delivers some visually entertaining and thrilling art throughout the issue. The tone of the story is perfectly captured in the exciting visuals.

Radiant Black #16



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