Radiant Black #12

Image Comics

Written by Kyle Higgins and Meghan Camarena

Art by French Carlomango

Colors by Mattia Iacono

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: A gaming streamer discovers that there might me more to her life when she makes a chance encounter.

Eva is a popular video game streamer who tries to balance the demands of her platform and the future she’s trying to build. When her latest stream runs into some technical difficulties, she finds herself without a means of going live and satisfying both her audience and her advertisers. After meeting Wendell at a local electronics store, she is encouraged to spend some time away from her stream and enjoy her day.

After trying to spend some time with her girlfriend, the demands of her online life continue to creep in leading to an event that sends her running back to Wendell for help. What he offers instead is something that will drastically change her life and her future.

The Story: Higgins and Camarena craft a nice back story for two of the characters and the plot is both interesting and entertaining. Eva’s story has some interesting moments and depth at times, but I was hoping for something deeper. The other characters seem to have more engaging personal stories that elicit more emotion from the reader. Eva’s story is lacking in that kind of emotional connection, but it does serve to give the reader more insight on her as a character.

The Art: Carlomango delivers some great imagery in the issue. There is a fun, light tone to the art that is visually compelling.

Radiant Black #12



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