Pennyworth #7

DC Comics

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by AW’s DC Hopkins

The Rundown: Alfred Pennyworth must face deadly enemies from his past in the thrilling conclusion of this limited series.

Now. Alfred continues to deny any remembrance of his contact with the Weapons forcing Shirley to make a deadly decision. Soon, he finds himself imprisoned with powerful acquaintances and must then decide how to proceed. Afterwards, Alfred and his allies confront their enemies in an all-out battle. Finally, Alfred apprehends someone from his past and must bring them to face justice. In the past, Alfred makes an unusual deal.

The Story: Wilson provides a relatively simple, yet apropos ending to this well-crafted saga. As in other series, Alfred’s readiness saves the day. However, in this instance he takes on a leadership role instead of that as an assistant. Throughout the overall story, Alfred’s history was brilliantly displayed, and the creative blend of past and present made for an engaging and clearly defined tale. It especially made his ending actions sensible and natural. I really enjoyed this series and I hope that Alfred’s previous history will continue to be explored.

The Art: This issue uses a traditional styling with muted tones and detailed drawings. The action scenes are well done and eye-catching. I found myself fully transported within the story.

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