Prodigy: The Icarus Society #5

Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Matteo Buffagni

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Edison Crane will have to find a way to save paradise from the outside world.

After spending a peaceful night with the Queen of Shangri-La, Edison Crane finds himself being confronted by a mystery he has yet to solve about himself. At the same time, Koffka’s mercenaries invade the city and begin to take the people hostage while the man himself challenges Crane again. A challenge that will have some unexpected results.

After escaping certain death, Crane is on the run and Koffka decides that the man being free is much more dangerous than the population. After threatening the hostages, Crane does something unthinkable to turn the tide of the battle. Something that will bring the people of the city back to their old ways and give Edison Crane one last shot at stopping Koffka once and for all.

The Story: Millar brings this arc to a brilliant and entertaining conclusion that showcases why Crane is so interesting and dynamic as a character. The issue had some amazing twists throughout and I love the tension throughout the issue. Crane is evolving as a character and his journey continues to be interesting with each new adventure. A fantastic finale that makes me excited to see what’s next.

The Art: Buffagni delivers dynamic, thrilling and beautifully detailed visuals throughout this issue. From the character designs to the action, everything was brilliantly crafted.

Prodigy: The Icarus Society #5



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