Powers of X #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by R.B. Silva

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The X-Men’s journey continues as Professor Xavier and Magneto recruit a sinister new ally.


Armed with the knowledge of what could await the mutant population, Xavier and Magneto travel to visit the man they need to recruit to help, Sinister. They find the rogue geneticist happily living among his clones and holding court as a benevolent dictator. Xavier will have to compromise his moral code if he’s going to get the man to help them and he will perform an act that will not be easily forgotten.

After bringing Douglok to Krakoa to communicate with the island, they learn of the tragic history of it and how another mutant from the past helped to liberate the living island. In the future, the Phalanx make their way to Earth and the elders have a plan to appease the invaders.

The Story: This issue takes a step back from the bigger story arc to showcase the plans Professor Xavier puts into place to change the course of mutant history. It is intriguing to see Xavier and Magneto meet with Sinister and how Jonathan Hickman is having Xavier make some choices that push him to the brink of violating his own moral code. There continues to be some fascinating ground work being laid for plots that the reader hasn’t gotten too yet and I especially love the interstitial pages between the main plot. All of them add some interesting dynamics to the story you’re reading as well as the larger story unfolding in this series.

Hickman makes Sinister such an enjoyable character to read in this issue. While not my favorite X-Men foe, in the hands of Hickman he’s been given more personality and that personality is engaging.

The Art: R.B. Silva’s art is fantastic throughout this issue. Magneto is menacing and Sinister looks amazing. The sequence showing the birth of Krakoa is breathtaking and all of the panels are filled with gorgeous details.

Powers of X #4




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