In honor of the upcoming election, I am showcasing some of your favorite comic book heroes and villains who have served in politics.

Jay Garrick/The Flash – Mayor of Monument Point


In 2012, writer Marc Guggenheim and artist George Perez were the creative team behind the Justice Society of America. In their run, they had the team rebuild Monument Point and the grateful citizens electing elder statesman and original Flash Jay Garrick as the mayor of the city. Jay decided to move the JSA to the town, a move that didn’t necessarily work out well for everyone involved and the end of the “New 52” pretty much ended Jay’s political career.

Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow – Mayor of Star City


In the One Year Later storyline that was the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, Oliver Queen is the newly elected mayor of Star City, taking on political and business corruption. At nights, he continued to fight crime as Green Arrow. His role as mayor allowed Ollie to definitely put forth his agenda, allowing same-sex marriages and other liberal platforms. After being outed for financing the Outsiders, he lost the position in a recall election.

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon – Congresswoman


In the early 70’s DC Comics decided that Barbara Gordon needed a change in her circumstances. After getting frustrated with the revolving door of the criminal justice system, Barbara decided that she was going to change the system from within. She quit her job as a librarian and crime-fighter and, with the help of her father Commissioner Jim Gordon, ran for Congress. Barbara actually seems to be the only person who left her seat unscathed, staying in office until 1980 when she loses her seat.

Tony Stark/ Iron Man – Secretary of Defense


In 2004, after Tony reveals himself to be Iron Man, he is offered work as a contractor for the Defense Department. He turns them down and eventually takes on the position of US Secretary of Defense in order to upgrade the military’s defenses and technology. Scarlet Witch decides to go full on nutty and exploits Tony’s alcoholism, causing him to get drunk and launch into a rant directed towards the Latverian ambassador at the United Nations. It didn’t end well for him.

Lex Luthor – President of the United States


Promoting technological progress and exploiting the government’s failure in handling the earthquake in Gotham City, Lex Luthor parlayed his wealth and fame into a successful campaign for President. After Bruce Wayne severs all financial ties with the government, President Luthor arranges the murder of Vesper Fairchild and frames Bruce for the crime. His growing madness and addiction to a cocktail of Venom and Kryptonite led to both Batman and Superman going up against fellow heroes and villains alike to take down the rogue politician. Losing the power of the presidency and his personal fortune continued to make Lex a dangerous presence.

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