Poison Ivy #17

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Luanna Vecchio

Letters Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Janet is caught between Gotham’s two favorite lovers while Ivy’s determination to find a cure for the lamia spores brings her into contact with some old friends.

After Ivy begins her day, she is confronted by a searing pain. Soon, she questions Janet’s recent behavior as things in the atmosphere in the home she shares with Janet and Harley takes a turn. Later, Ivy goes to her hideout in the swamp where she and Killer Croc have an interesting conversation regarding her current situation and previous events. Finally, as the swamp is invaded by a deadly force, an old compatriot appears. But are they a friend or foe?

The Story: I found this to be an interesting chapter in terms of relationship building. I am fascinated by the situation with Janet. Instead of a love triangle, this appears to be the beginnings of a throuple with two of the deadliest women in Gotham. One can only hope things do not take a turn for the worst. As always, Ivy’s inner voice is both appealing and relatable. Her search to fix the things she’s destroyed, and self-discovery, are indispensable as the lessons she learns can easily be translated into real life scenarios. Also, Ivy’s interpersonal relationship with those in the swamp and her children make a welcome addition to what was originally the story of Ivy’s singular pursuit. I like the direction the series is now taking and look forward to what happens next.

The Art: Luanna Vecchio takes over as guest artist for this traditionally drawn, yet colorful issue. The attention taken to detail, including character expression and form, help create a visually stunning and emotionally reactive reader experience. Also, Otsmane-Elhaou’s lettering does an excellent job of separating voices and inner monologue in a clear, concise manner. Overall, I found this issue well planned and lovely.

Poison Ivy #17



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