Plush #2

Image Comics

Written by Doug Wagner

Art by Daniel Hillyard

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Devin’s life gets more complicated when a slaughter leads to an interesting and dangerous offer.

As the Deputies continue to torture poor Devin both physically and emotionally, the Plushs’ have descended on the station and decide to liberate Devin by slaughtering all of the cops that they see.

As one Deputy stays alive and under guard, the leader of the Plush group confronts Devin with some interesting information he gathered from one of his friends. Information that will lead to making Devin an offer. One that Devin will have to consider as his world falls apart around him and the danger around him only increases.

The Story: A fun and entertaining follow up from Wagner. The world of this story continues to be intriguing and I love the build up of tension and how it is paid off with awesome action and gore. There is a unique level of absurdity and unpredictability to this series and I am intrigued with what Wagner will put these characters through next.

The Art: I love Hillyard’s art style in this issue. The cartoon nature of the visuals mixed with the graphic violence of the story are beautifully balanced.

Plush #2



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