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Plastic Man #1

DC Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters by Simon Bowland

Eel O’Brian has returned to Cole City and he gets a beating for his trouble. One that leaves him bleeding and broken in the middle of an alley by his former boss and former friends in the underworld. What they don’t realize is that he is Plastic Man and this is all part of a plan, hopefully.


What follows is a re-telling of Plastic Man’s origin as the would be hero tries to piece together the mystery of his own murder and he’s going to go through his old crew to get them. Unfortunately, he gets an answer he doesn’t want to believe. One that casts a shadow on everything good he’s trying to accomplish. There is some great dialogue in this issue and Simone does a good job of balancing the humor with the intensity that the story is building. She’s made Plastic Man both amusing and sympathetic in this first issue and you find an emotional hook that makes you want to see how his story plays out.

Adriana Melo’s art is great as well and there are some really cool camera angles that are used during the action scenes as well as great background details that help establish the gritty world that Eel is living and working in. I like this first issue for both its humor and intensity. There’s a great mystery forming in the pages of Plastic Man that not only deal with the hero’s past, but also with the rest of the heroes in the DC universe. Definitely worth checking out the next issue to see where this story goes.

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