Pilot Sports

Z-Software/ Wild River

Nintendo Switch

Soar through the skies in hang gliders, planes, and jetpacks. Master each vehicle’s controls and take to the skies to grab hidden collectibles, time reductions, avoid obstacles, and hit the landing mark to achieve a perfect score.
Choose from 8 different characters and dive, glide, and blast through more than 50 scenic courses. Unlock the explorer mode and find secret areas and the best views in Pilot Sports. And with up to four-player split-screen multiplayer, Pilot Sports promises to be fun for the whole family or the next smash hit at the big party.



Pilot Sports is simple in its look. It isn’t going for flash and style per se. The characters are simple. The planes, gliders, etc are also simple and the environments are simply rendered as well. From a graphics perspective, Pilot Sports is not next gen, but it is bright and colorful enough to hold the player’s interest while playing.


Pilot Sports is best played with others. Playing the game alone is a relatively boring experience. Playing with others, especially kids adds a dimension of fun to the game that it lacks in a single player setting. The controls are simple and it takes very little time to both understand and master them. There is little variation in gameplay modes and most maps and courses can feel repetitive.



As stated before, Pilot Sports is best played with others in a party setting. It doesn’t really offer much in the way of challenge in the single player game so unless you have kids and play this with them on the weekends, you might pick this game up to play only rarely.

pilot sports




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