Phoenix Song: Echo #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Rebecca Roanhorse

Art by Luca Maresca and Kyle Charles

Colors by Carlos Lopez and Bryan Valenza

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Maya is lost in a world where she doesn’t remember who she is and River must atone for his sins in order to save her.

Maya wakes up in her home with the man she loves and is worried that her gallery show will be a failure. River reassures her, but something happens before she leaves the apartment. Something she cannot understand. As she heads to the gallery to prepare for her show, River awakens to find himself sitting with Maya’s ancestor Ohoyo Luak. He also discovers that Maya is gone. He also discovers that Ohoyo knows that he’s been working with the Adversary the whole time.

Maya has her show, but she reveals that something is wrong. Something is missing from her life. When a fire breaks out, Maya leaps into action to help people trapped in the building. In the aftermath, River is told that he must make a sacrifice in order to save Maya’s life. At the same time, Forge decides to enter the spirit world to find a way to stop the Adversary.

The Story: Roanhorse delivers some great character growth in this issue. I enjoyed the reveals in the story as well as the character conflicts. I like the evolution of the character and the overall conflict of the story. The story is unique in how it deals with Maya’s upcoming battle and her internal struggles. It gives great insight into the character.

The Art: Maresca and Charles deliver some great art in the story. The visuals are slick and beautifully detailed throughout.

Phoenix Song: Echo #4



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