Phoenix Song Echo #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Rebecca Roanhorse

Art by Luca Maresca and Kyle Charles

Colors by Carlos Lopez and Bryan Valenza

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Maya continues to run from the Adversary, but another Phoenix will teach her to make a stand.

Forge heads to the reservation in search of Maya after their last encounter. After discovering her last known location, Forge sees signs of a battle. A battle with an entity that he knows very well. An enemy he fought at great cost to himself. In the past, Maya and River find themselves surrounded by armed men. Maya must get her powers under control before she inadvertently destroys her own lineage.

After being brought to a meeting, Maya reveals that she doesn’t know much about her mother’s side of her family and with the Adversary hunting her ancestors, she will need to find a way to protect her lineage. As they continue to run from the creature, Maya begins to question River’s motives for taking her places just to watch her family be killed. When River is injured on their latest trip, Maya will discover that there is another Phoenix. A Phoenix who challenges Maya on both the use of her powers and her mission.

The Story: Roanhorse crafts an entertaining story in this issue. There are some great character moments and I like that Maya is starting to question River and his motivations. I like the connection to Forge in this story and it will be interesting to see how his presence changes the story itself. The adventure elements were well done and the story is very engaging.

The Art: Maresca and Charles deliver some great visuals in the issue. The art is beautifully detailed from start to finish.

Phoenix Song Echo #3



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