2FE57F6C-FABE-4CE5-AE82-8CFECADD20EEPhoenix Resurrection #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

After the events of the last issue, one would think that Jean would finally start to wake up to the reality around her. Unfortunately, she chalks it up to another dream and continues throughout her day as if nothing is different. Even though we can see the changes to the world around her, Jean has been kept from seeing the truth staring her in the face.


The X-Men have gathered outside the bubble construct in the middle of New Mexico and they decide to enter it after discussing what it’s presence means for the both Jean and the world. After they make their decision, Logan decides to be the first one through the door and as they enter they sees a hellish landscape filled with death and destruction and the shapes coming to confront them are all dead X-Men. The mutants must fight against their former friends and teammates until they find a possible oasis in the middle of the destruction, the restaurant Jean has been working at since her resurrection.

A cadre of X-Men including Logan, Kitty, Polaris, Magick, Iceman and Beast break away from the battle and make their way to the restaurant and witness Jean in her everyday life, completely oblivious to the reality around her and unable to see her friends. Jean, for her part, is trying to make sense of the strange “dreams” she’s been having and there is a part of her that understands that there seems to be some kind of intention for them and for her. As the X-Men decide on who is going to confront Jean, the Phoenix itself decides to make an appearance.

There is a palpable tension in this issue that makes it work from beginning to end. Will the X-Men be able to help Jean and get her away from the Phoenix Force? Will Jean see the truth of the world around her? Who will be the person that she can ultimately turn to in order to bring her back? Rosenberg has done a great job of setting up those complex questions in a way that allows the reader to remember what they love about these characters and the moment in X-Men history that still haunts many of them to this day. The art is dynamic and it perfectly complements the narrative.

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