You’ve just been fired from one of the most anticipated blockbusters in recent memory and not only was it sudden, but it was also public. What do you do now?

According to reports, the duo was fired from the high-profile project because they clashed with Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy. The clashes were over the director’s vision of a more lighthearted tongue in cheek film and Kennedy and writer Lawrence Kasdan wanting a more western style heist movie. Whatever the reason, like a single woman in a romantic comedy, they are back on the market.

Even though the duo may currently be out of work, they are still highly sought after directors who could easily find another project to slide into. Here are some ideas.

The Flash


It’s been rumored today that Lord and Miller have met with Warner Brothers about taking over the troubled production. Two directors have already departed the project, the script is being completely rewritten and the release date has been pushed back. This gives the duo plenty of time to bring their unique vision to a DCEU post Wonder Woman movie. With a commitment to more hopeful narratives, the directors of The Lego Movie could be the perfect match to bring a lighter, more positive Barry Allen to the big screen.

Justice League Dark


Not that Lord and Miller should be anyone’s second choice, but the Guillermo Del Toro scripted Justice League Dark is another film that is primed for a director or directors to step in. With the departure of Doug Liman, Lord and Miller could definitely take over the production and deliver something interesting.

Fantastic Four


We’ve been through the dark FF with Josh Trank and Fox wants something more positive. Lord and Miller could be that positive influence. They know comedy as well as action and their backgrounds in sitcoms could be an asset when trying to write and direct a family dynamic. Besides, they brought us “Everything is Awesome”. You have to be positive to put that out into the world.

These are just a couple of examples of films that the directing pair could slide into and take over. What are your thoughts? What movie do you think the pair should direct next? Let me know in the comments below.

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