Pennyworth #5

DC Comics

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by AW’s DC Hopkins

The Rundown: Alfred Pennyworth comes face to face with old acquaintances. In the past, his time in the Artic comes to an end.

Then. Alfred wakes up to something surprising and is soon aided by an old friend. As he dreams about his past, a rescue team is given unexpected news. Afterwards, a recovering Alfred is debriefed by a handler from Mi5. Much later, he receives a warning and tries to determine a method of escape from his situation.

Meanwhile, Now, Alfred has an interesting conversation with an unusual figure from his past and soon encounters someone unexpected.

The Story: John Rauch does not disappoint. The fifth chapter in this limited series is light in action, but heavy on world and character-building content. Alfred’s time as an agent is extremely exciting and I was enthralled by the conclusion of his mission. The past and present finally collide for a cliff-hanger ending that is sure to surprise and I am excited to find out what happens next.

The Art: This issue uses a detailed and traditional art style that emphasizes character expression and form. I found the artwork to be emotionally engaging and visually appealing.

Pennyworth #5



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