Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (13)Pearl #1

DC Comics/Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Michael Gaydos

Letters by Joshua Reed

In San Francisco, a young woman meets a young man who admires a very special tattoo that she has on her wrist. His admiration is more than just in the design, but in the artist who did it. His knowledge of the artist and curiosity about the woman’s story generates an interesting meet cute scenario for the two people. When he friend encourages her to take the flirtation further, the young woman named Pearl becomes hesitant when she finds out what the man does for a living.


After she leaves the location, we find out more about Pearl and the dangerous world that she lives and works out of. Her back story is hinted at and it is interesting in context to where she finds herself in this first issue. After committing an act that has the potential to start a war, Pearl is tasked with making things right with her boss and we get a sense of the violent world that Pearl lives in and the young man she met earlier might be walking into a situation he didn’t bargain for.

Bendis creates a great atmosphere for these characters in this first issue. The story that he is unfolding becomes more interesting because of the atmosphere and the way the characters are created on the page. Everything that is introduced opens a world that I found myself interested in learning more about. Who is Pearl? How did she get involved with Mr. Miike? How deep is she involved in his business? All of these questions are opened up in this first issue and should be able to sustain a series if those questions are answered with the care and patience that the first issue takes to create them.

The art in the issue does a brilliant job of bringing the narrative to life on the page. It’s gritty and beautiful. So many of the panels have a sense of realism to them and that is due to the way they are composed and the angles used. Both of those things complement the story by crafting a really good experience for the reader.

Pearl #1




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