Outta Our Shells, the new family-friendly ice-breaker card game, successfully reached its funding goal of $10,000 in just one day. Developed by Greg Johnson, co-creator and designer of ToeJam & Earl, and creator of the Disney Channel show, “Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve”, Outta Our Shells will release later this year.
Featuring charming and colorful art, each set provides three decks of cards, each with their own specific roles. Draw new cards and take turns to ask each other questions using prompts designed for inclusivity and relaxation. Fortune cards supply the framework and goal for each playthrough, while Cat or Rat cards add cues for players to interact, making choices that reveal more about them and providing a spark for conversation.

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Outta Our Shells breaks down the barriers of getting to know people while aiming for the goal of getting the best individual fortunes, providing a fun environment for sharing stories with any number of companions. Break the ice in a new group or reminisce with friends and family, perhaps even learning something new about them.
“I originally made this game for myself and my friends, to make get-togethers more fun, and to help my shy teenagers get involved in the conversations,” said Greg Johnson. “I played it for over ten years with friends and family and it always seems to work and make everyone relaxed and open up. I finally decided to share it with everyone. I hope it brings others closer as it has for me over the years.”
card box
Outta Our Shells will be available in English this year for $24.99. The Kickstarter campaign will run until Thursday, April 9th, 2020 at 10:15 AM EDT, and backers who pre-order the game can enjoy a reduced price at $20 USD. Each box includes 250 cards, along with 6 Blank DIY cards for custom cards (providing the stretch goals are met). There are multiple tiers of backer rewards available from $20-$108 including rewards such as copies of the game, playmats, as well as Kickstarter exclusive acrylic standees, t-shirts and more.
To learn more, please visit Outta Our Shells’ pledge page, watch for updates on the ToeJam and Earl Twitter and Facebook, or interact with Greg directly on his Twitter.


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