Outbreaks #1

Speech Comics

Written by Will Robson

Art by Monika Maccagni

Colors by Cyril Vincent

The Rundown: A young man wakes up locked in a cell during a zombie apocalypse.

Jimmy wakes up on a cot in a jail cell and finds himself sitting across from the local football coach. Surrounding them in the jail are zombies. Fortunately, the zombies can’t get in the cell, but the prisoners are unable to get out.

When two of Jimmy’s teachers are seen fighting the zombie hordes, he calls them for help. Unfortunately, their attempt to free the pair will end in tragedy.

The Story: Robson crafts a fun and entertaining zombie apocalypse story that has some great characters, thrills and surprises. I love the tone of the story a lot and how it mixes the humor and the horror elements together to create something unique and fun for the reader. The story has a great build up of tension as well given the setting and leads to a cliffhanger that makes me intrigued to see what happens next.

The Art: Maccagni delivers beautiful art throughout the issue. The imagery does a great job of showcasing both the action and horror elements while keeping the fun and funny aesthetic of the story.

Outbreaks #1



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