Origins #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Arash Amel, Lee Krieger, Joseph Oxford and Clay Mcleod Chapman

Art by Jakub Rebelka

Colors by Patricio Delpeche

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Chloe struggles with her identity and purpose as David sparks the fire of revolution.

After unlocking all of his memories, David takes Chloe on a tour of some of the recovered items that have been stored away as a reminder of what humanity accomplished before the Network wipe it out. As David discovers more of his former self’s artifacts and data, Chloe discovers the origins of her existence and its connection to David and his past. As she struggled with who and what she is, David tries to comfort her with what he knows about who and she has become.

Their relative peace is interrupted when the Network attacks their location and David has a decision to make about whether to keep running or stand his ground and face the Network on his terms. After enlisting the robots around him, he and his new allies prepare to take on the Network’s forces, but David might lose more than just a battle when the Network targets Chloe.

The Story: A great continuation of a gripping and engaging story. The characters and their conflicts both internal and external broaden the scope of this world and take the story in some interesting narrative and interpersonal directions. I enjoy the conflicts throughout and the plot evolves into a great heroic moment for David as well as a internal conflict for Chloe that is intriguing and suspenseful.

The Art: Jakub Rebelka delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. There are some great visuals and details throughout, but the action scenes leap off the page and are filled with emotion and energy.

Origins #5



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