Two independent comic book labels are merging together as the comic book industry gets smaller.

The merger was announced in The New York Times today and it lays out the structure for the upcoming merger which will see Oni’s James Lucas Jones will serve as president and publisher, with Sarah Gaydos becoming editor-in-chief. Jones released a statement saying;

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, where the business of comics and graphic novels is rapidly evolving, this merger is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our two companies to pool our resources for one goal: to create the finest comics and graphic novels for everyone.” 

Lion Forge founder David Steward II, will be the majority owner of company through his holding company Polarity. Lion Forge Comics is the publisher of titles that include Haphaven and Cellies. Oni Press is the publisher of series like Stumptown, The Long Con, Rick and Morty, Invader Zim, Shadow Roads, Morning in America and more.

More information about the merger will be released in coming weeks.

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