One-Star Squadron #5

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Steve Lieber

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: With their office burned down, the heroes have to determine what they will do next.

Red Tornado and some of the other members of the staff, including Power Girl, return to the burned out remains of the office as the police are investigating what happened. When the subject of her recent firing comes up, Kara decides that not being at the scene might be a better option for her. In the aftermath, the employees fond some temporary accommodations and discuss what happened and Kara returns to plead her case for innocence.

Red Tornado goes back into his own memories to start to put the pieces together of what happened to the office. An investigation that will lead him to a suspect he reluctantly doesn’t want to believe is guilty. Unfortunately, a return to the scene of the crime will reveal the real culprit and put Red Tornado in an awkward position of what to do about a friend. A friend whose actions have an unexpected consequence.

The Story: Russell takes this story to some dark places while also giving one of the characters a moment of redemption. The story is a lot more serious than the previous issues and that does a great job of showing the growth of the story and showcasing the humanity of the characters, especially Red Tornado. Power Girl has a great personal moment in the story and I love how the plot unfolds as well as the reveals made in it.

The Art: Lieber delivers some great art. The story continues to be wonderfully character focused and Lieber does a fantastic job of visually bring out the emotion of the characters.

One-Star Squadron #5



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