One Star Squadron #3

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Steve Lieber

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Life as a corporate hero becomes more difficult when bad choices lead to unwanted attention.

The corporate offices of Heroz4U get an unexpected visitor to the board room in the form of Superman. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel has some concerns about their business model and how it reduces the reality of heroism. After getting a taste of the corporate culture of Heroz4U, he leaves with a bad taste in his mouth while the rest of the board deals with the growing number of complaints from the staff at the office Red Tornado leads. At the same time, Power Girl continues to make her moves as Tornado deals with the debacle Minuteman created.

Off the coast of Ireland, a hero coming in to rescue civilians gets a text from the Herox4U app about a big opportunity and finds himself torn about whether to rescue the people in front of him or take the bigger opportunity. A choice that will prompt a return to the corporate offices from Superman himself. While the board finds a way to clean up the mess they created, Red Tornado has some bad news to share with his family. Bad news that turns out to be even worse when he meets with the board.

The Story: Russell continues to craft a clever and entertaining look at corporate culture and its pitfalls through the lens of people trying to do the right thing. The story is fantastic satire that retains a great heart that makes you feel for the characters in the story. I love how human he makes characters like Red Tornado seem throughout the story and how his story is universal to a lot of people even while the character is wearing red tights.

The Art: Lieber does a great job with the art in the issue by keeping it focused on the characters and their humanity. The style is great for this type of story and really focuses on the people of the story instead of the events around them.

One Star Squadron #3



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