Once Upon A Time at the End of the World #5

BOOM! Studios

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Alexandre Tefenkgi and Nick Dragotta

Colors by Lee Lougheridge and Rico Renzi

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Maceo faces off against the Rangers and Mezzy makes a decision about her mission.

Maceo has been captured by the Rangers and is given the choice to compete in a series of challenges that might allow him to live. Unfortunately, he’s no where near as prepared as the other rangers and finds himself chained up outside waiting for the next day when he’s going to die.

Mezzy decides to try to free Maceo, but he refuses to go. He’s working on something that might help them both as Mezzy turns herself in to give him a chance.

The Story: Aaron crafts and entertaining and surprising story in this issue. The story has some great character moments for both Maceo and Mezzy. The story of how they find each other and common ground continues to be engaging and I love the action throughout the story. What makes the story better is the transition to the future where Maceo deals with not only a darker, more dangerous world but also the complications of his relationship with Mezzy.

The Art: Both artists bring a unique visual style to the story that complements it and its tone. The visuals are great and I love the imagery in the future story a lot.

Once Upon A Time at the End of the World #5



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