Once and Future #10

Boom! Studios

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Dan Mora

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: With Duncan and Gran separated, a creature of legend stalks its prey.

Duncan has to find a way to get to his grandmother whatever it takes. After finding conventional methods of travel prohibitive, Duncan decides to go on the offensive to secure a ride, but he might be too late.


At the nursing home, Gran is enjoying a quiet evening with her fellow residents when she finally picks up her phone to speak to her grandson. When the atmosphere inside the building begins to change, Bridgette realizes that something is wrong and that wrong thing is coming fast. As she prepares her fellow residents to hide, the creature emerges with murder on its mind and the monster hunter might have blown her chance to stop it on her last mission.

The Story: After some amazing stories filled with action, adventure and discovery, it’s nice to see Gillen cut loose a little and fill this issue with levity in the face of the latest volley from Arthur and company. Everything with Duncan trying to get to his grandmother is both tense and funny. Bridgette’s adventures in the nursing home are action packed and filled with dark humor as well. This issue does a great job of keeping the focus on the characters while also creating a conflict that is made more difficult based on their actions.

The Art: Dan Mora delivers some beautifully detailed panels throughout this issue and the chase between Grendel and Gran is visually stunning. Mora does an excellent job of taking the tone and the humor of the story and elevating them with the art and there is an awesome visual gag in here that made me laugh out loud.

Once and Future #10




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