On The Stump #5

Image Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Prenzy

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Jack Hammer must face the persistent attacks by Thunder Bearer or he will lose more than just his life.

20 years ago Jack Hammer took on Thunder Bearer in the ring and won. Unfortunately, forces who wanted to keep him in line had a plan to keep him under their thumbs. A plan that Thunder Bearer will remind him of when he challenges him again.


Unable to refuse the fight, Jack Hammer goes to meet his opponent in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty constituents. With more than just the growing resistance on the line, Jack will find himself fighting to protect something a lot more precious.

The Story: Filled with intensity, this issue reveals some disturbing truths about these characters and the world they inhabit. Chuck Brown holds a mirror up to our society as the characters act in a world that isn’t that different from who we are now. The story was a little slow at points, but the reveals that were made were worth the read. One of the best moments was towards the end when one of the characters delivers a blistering indictment to the gathered crowd that makes one think about what we really want for ourselves and what we’re willing to give up to get it.

The Art: Prenzy’s art style is perfect for this story and this issue. It is sharp, visually interesting and intense. A great looking issue filled with visceral action and energy.

On The Stump #5




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