Obey Me

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Rated T for Teen


Obey Me is a frantic 3D Brawler that revolves around a duo of misfit demons as they fight hordes of mutants, hellish fiends and angelical contraptions alike.
In a time and age much like our own, Heaven and Hell are locked in an eternal conflict where the souls of Mankind are at stake. Vanessa Held, a lowly Soul Huntress, and her Hellhound companion, Monty, could be the ones to tip the balance of the war with their own hands.

Embark on a journey in city fraught with peril, slashing, kicking and biting your way through hordes of foes, consuming their souls to unlock new combos, skills and transformations.



The top down 3D style of the game is perfect for giving the player an immersive, detailed world to both explore and admire. The backgrounds look great and the characters are decently rendered for the environment. Because of the nature of the game itself, there is a lack of menace to the creatures and characters because your looking at them from a top down angle, but the game is better served by the top down camera.



Primarily a one-player experience, Obey Me does offer a second player the ability to join in co-op mode playing as Monty. The fighting and upgrades are pretty standard, but do vary the gameplay as the story progresses. The attacks are effective and fun with a highlight being the co-op moments where Vanessa and Monty coordinate their attacks. The Boss fights are varied and challenging, but there is a repetitiveness to them.



Obey Me is a fun game filled with atmosphere and some fun and varied action. The story doesn’t particularly draw you in, but the characters and plotting are solid enough to want to play it until completion.


Obey Me




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